Aug 23, 2009

Brick Paver Sealing : Spraying vs. Rolling

I am often asked what is the best method for applying brick paver sealant. The two methods that are most common for sealing brick pavers is "pump" spraying or rolling on with a foam roller. I have brick paver contractors that swear by both methods, but from my 25 year experience I prefer the "pump" spraying method.

Starting first with the Rolling method of applying brick paver sealant, I find that my time in applying the paver sealant is less. The special foam slitted roller spreads the sealer pretty evenly and efficiently. The rolling method of applying paver sealant will stretch the sealer so you will not have very much waste. The biggest setback that I experience when rolling on brick paver sealant is that the roller will sometimes roll the joint sand over the top of the brick pavers, especially if the joints are wide. Also, I am not satisfied with the amount of sealer that pours into the sand joints. Even though the paver sealant companies push their special rollers, I have yet to find one that satisfies me.

The Spraying method is my preferred method of applying brick paver sealer. When applying sealer for paver patios, walkways, and driveways, this method will apply sealer very generously while allowing sealer to soak into the sand joints as well. As long as you apply the paver sealer on a windless day, the coverage can be generous and effortless. You will use up more sealer with this brick paver applying method. The biggest headache for us brick paver contractors is that there are no real good brick paver sealer sprayers. Even the high dollar commercial sprayers require so much cleaning & maintenance to perform properly, most of us contractors have resolved to the cheap and disposable "pump" garden sprayers. After each brick paver sealing job, I just throw them away. The thermoplastics in the paver sealer harden up & eat up the rubber seals on the sprayers and make them unusable unless you thoroughly clean them out with acetone or thinner. I usually purchase a sealer sprayer under $20 at Lowe's or Home Depot. I feel my time is worth more than the actual cost of the sprayers.

No matter what brick paver sealing method you use, make sure you seal patio stones & retaining walls on a dry sunny day. Make sure all pavers and paver joints are completely dry and it will not rain within 4 hours. To get more information and instruction about brick paver sealers and cleaners, check out Techniseal for information and source near you!