Jun 3, 2020

Raised Brick Pavers Patio and Walk in Canton Restored

Patios, Walks, Steps, and Pool Areas Repaired and Restored

In Canton, MI there are 1,000's of raised paver patios that need some serious attention.  This homeowner said the original installing contractor did not instruct him to sweep joint sand in the paver joints or do any routine maintenance. The contractor also did not prep him for the event of the outside row of brick pavers settling behind the raised wall caps.  If unattended, the wall blocks & caps will begin to settle and lean out, leading to a more costly paver repair work.  

This brick paver patio wall blocks & cap had started to sink in one area and the rest of the patio walls were at risk because 3 to 4 rows of  brick pavers were sunken below the height of the wall caps.  The homeowner made contact at the right time to repair this patio before the cost became more expensive. If rebuilding the outside wall blocks & caps can be avoided, the cost of repair is substantially less.

The brick pavers were lifted up and relaid 1.5-2ft of brick pavers behind the entire raised paver wall caps, re-leveled @6ft of wall blocks & caps that were seriously dipped, and  then reset some sunken individual brick pavers throughout the entire patio surface. 

The crew power washed cleaned all the brick pavers, wall blocks & caps, steps, and the brick paver joints.  The crew then re-sanded the entire pavers patio and then sealed with a high quality "matte" finish brick paver sealant to complete the restoration!

The paver walkway leading from the dirveway to the patio had become loose, gapped, and crooked from lack of attention over the years.  The crew relaid half of the brick paver walkway to straighten out the crooked lines and gapped outside row of pavers.  The crew ran the power plate compactor over the entire paver walk to help relock any loose pavers. The entire walk was power wash cleaned, re-sanded all paver joints, and then sealed this paver walk.

Now with continued low maintenance steps of sweeping joint sand in each Spring and cleaning & sealing within every 3 years, this pavers patio and walk should perform beautifully for another 20+ years!  

Its important to hire a brick paver company that offers follow up services, like repairs, cleaning, re-sanding, & sealing of brick pavers to insure years of performance and beauty!