Aug 23, 2007

Bob Villa, I'm Not....

The fact that he is 75 lbs lighter, has a larger wallet, and is NOT as good looking as myself, Bob Villa, I'm not! If you are looking for the proper pipe fit on your next weekend "do-it-yourself" plumbing job, my blogs won't always have the answer. I do have many friends in the "trades" that I share Tee times and bar tabs with to gain the knowledge and advise you seek. I do have business expertise in all areas of paving, retaining walls, landscaping, decking, general home improvement, and structured wiring.

My purpose is to make you more informed about calling, selecting, dealing, and following up, with your next contractor. I am a consumer too. So, I can offer insights from both sides, that will allow you to make a better decision and a more rewarding experience. By sharing the "inside thoughts" of a contractor (and consumer), you will be able to get a good read, much like a Poker player in No Limit Hold' em, on your next contractor dealings.

My goal is to harmonically mesh my brotherhood of contractors with the adoring & demanding public. Contracting relationships can be very personal ... it is time for you to talk to therapist "Contractor Bill". Post (talk) to Me!