Sep 30, 2007

September POLL Results are In!

The results are in on our Sept poll! The winner was...."Trust" is the most important factor for selecting your contractor.
Though I find these results admirable, my prospective as a contractor does not agree that this is usually true. It amazes me that no one even voted that "Price" was the most important factor. When I do a follow up call on my bids, and a customer selected another contractor, more times than not, they said it was "Price"! I have a lot of prospective clients who say," I really want you to do the job because we "trust" your quality & reputation, but.... your price is higher than the other contractor. If you can match his "price", I will give you the job!". Another reason that I believe that "Price" has become the most important factor to most prospective clients, is the unbelievable number of bids that clients are getting. In days past, most clients got 3 bids, but now, it is as many as 10 !! Now, I know alot of those contractors that I am bidding against are reputable, price competitive, and quality orientated. The prospective client is just looking for the lowest "Price" or using the lowest price to have the more qualified contractors beat each other up on that price.
I have consulted with my friends at Margolis Nursery, Todd's Services, Blue Fox, Inc. and Unilock, Inc. about the poll results... and they all have expressed their amazement to "Trust" being the most important factor.
Thank you to all who took the time to vote! Look soon for our new October Poll.