Dec 27, 2007

Christmas & New Year's is "PINK"

During this festive time of bright colored lights & sparkling garland, Christmas & New Year's can be prominently PINK! Most people do not realize that this is the most prominent time for companies to give employees the...PINK slip! Yes, even during this time of joy & togetherness, employees can experience disappointment & loss.

Most companies, not just seasonal contractors, at this time of year let employees go. How can a company be so cruel to let someone go right before the holidays, you say, well the reason for this timing is strictly a business practice. Companies that are struggling feel the end of the year "pinch" to make changes before going into the next year. See, most companies "fiscal year" follows the calendar year. A "fiscal year" is the company's financial reporting year for internal management summaries, shareholder reports, and tax returns. Without going into great detail, "people" are the largest expense for most companies, and the quickest cost to control or eliminate.

In fact, most companies think they are doing the employee a favor by keeping them on until the holiday break, and then giving them a couple of weeks for you to find or prepare for another job. The caveat here is that there are good "people" available for companies needing or looking for motivating employees!

January can be a "festive" time for employees to find good employment and turn that holiday PINK into some long term "GREEN".