Mar 15, 2009

Rock Bottom Yet?

The state of the Detroit area is still questionable whether we have reached Rock Bottom! As the rest of the country feels the dire effects of the recesssion (or depression), Detroit has been deeply engulfed in this economical whirlpool the last 5 years.

From home foreclosure to a almost 12% unemployment, the construction & landscape industry is devastated. The recent downturn and layoffs from the auto industry has stabbed Detroit in the back. Home improvement is the last item on a homeowner's mind. Detroit area residents are on survival mode, having a place to live, food to eat, and vehicles to get to work with!

Usually working people who lose their jobs are able to transition or supplement their work income with construction, landscape, or service jobs. What jobs? these jobs are not available anymore. 40+ year olds have to try and start over again. We have lost all our investments in homes, stock market, and job security! It pains us to look at our parents who are well in their 60's or 70's to help financially support us during this time.

The most important need right now in the United States is the support of construction and infrastructure jobs. It is obvious our roads,bridges, and city structures need improvement or replacement. It is obvious that unemployed Americans need to be working and getting paid on these projects!