May 6, 2009

Brick Paver Repairs in Ann Arbor

After 25+ years of brick paver design, installations, repairs, and cleaning & sealings, I have become one of Ann Arbor's top expert in the brick paver industry. From Unilock to Fendt, I have designed, installed, and repaired them all. The brick paver market has matured over the past 25 years and all the feedback is now in.

Even though the interlocking brick paver introduction has been in Europe for over 60 years and has worked its way into North America through Canada, the US market is now over 25 years old. From my experiences installing and studying the effects of winter frost, I have gathered the knowledge and expertise to design, install, or repair brick pavers in a more permanent technique. Maintenance will always be a requirement but long term costs can be reduced with proper design, installation, and maintenance.

With the 10's of thousands of brick paver installations in just the Ann Arbor area there is an immediate need for maintenance and repair services. My goal is to correct and beautify the functionality and aesthetics of brick pavers in Ann Arbor and surrounding cities. Call today for a Free Estimate (734)657-4690