Aug 8, 2009

Brick Paver Repair Costs

When it comes to costing out brick paver repairs, it really is a subjective method of pricing. There are two common approaches I offer clients that need their brick pavers repaired.

The first is a Job Cost approach. This is usually a single total "job" price. For sake of argument, there may be several pricing options that determines the final total price, but for the most part, this will be the total price the client pays after the paver repairs are completed. This brick paver repair job cost should cover all labor & materials and mention any possible unforeseen costs that may occur. While performing brick paver and retaining wall repairs, it is possible that some existing products or materials will not be reusable. I will list on my paver estimate that I will supply the necessary brick paver replacement receipt for reimbursement. When it comes to the dreaded "unforeseen" , I will cover the cost with my client before I proceed with the paver repairs. Nobody wants to get a bill at the end that is more than quoted and was not discussed during the project. 90% of my brick paver repairs have come in on the total Job Cost quoted!

The second is a Hourly Rate approach. This approach should not be accepted by a brick paver repair client unless they have total TRUST of their brick paver contractor! This approach to repairing pavers is an open end final cost. I usually spell out that all material costs will be reimbursed and receipts will be supplied. The difficult part is letting the customer know an exact range of hours needed to complete the brick paver repairs. I am within an hour or so on smaller paver repairs and usually within 5 hours on large paver repairs. I do supply an exact hourly rate for paver repairs for myself or package workers. This approach to costing brick paver repairs can get dicey and it is important to communicate to the client each day your strategy and job performing tasks. Clients need to be aware that the time of obtaining materials and unloading tools and materials are part of the hourly rate of repairs. I do not include in my hourly rate of paver repairs any lunch breaks or time of loading tools at the end of the day. This approach of costing is the fairest approach to brick paver repairs as long as both parties TRUST each other!

Brick paver repair costs is a necessary evil for homeowners to maintain and protect their investment in brick pavers or retaining walls. It can be a very emotional decision for a client to accept your brick paver quote for repairs. I always felt that communicating and selecting the best costing option before performing the paver repairs is the BEST approach.