Apr 24, 2010

Paver Patio and Step Repair & Cleaning completed!

We just completed this Paver Patio and Step Repair in Ann Arbor this week.  Our earlier post showed the before pictures of this extreme brick paver repair.  The homeowner was ecstatic with the results by Brick Doctor Bill's attention to detail and paver restoration.

After removing all the brick pavers, recompacting the sub base, adding more base, cleaning the paving stones, re-installing the paver patio & step pads, and sweeping in polymeric sand, the end result is a rejuvenated hardscape installation that they can enjoy for years to come!

The drainage issues are now resolved and the customer can now look out their walkout basement during their next party and not see such an eye sore.  Aside from the obvious safety issues, the repaired paver patio is now functional for entertaining and relaxing.

These paving stones are over 12 years old and are beginning to exhibit signs of weathering and wear.  Brick Doctor Bill will be returning in a couple of months to spot clean and seal the paver patio and paver steps with an approved brick paver sealant.  This will help restore the old color and aesthetics of the original paving stones.