Aug 11, 2010

Brick Paver Driveway Cleaning & Sanding

Brick Driveway Cleaning

Here is brick paver driveway we cleaned and sanded this past week.  This paver driveway was installed about 7 years ago and was in immediate need of cleaning off moss, weeds, and dirt from the paving stones and paver joints.

The homeowner admitted he has not performed any yearly maintenance of paver joint sand sweeping. Due to dense tree growth, moss & mold had taken over the appearance of his paving stone driveway.  This homeowner was desperate to regain the beauty of his paver driveway.

We spent 18 hrs power washing all the brick pavers & paver joints to remove all the mold, moss, weeds, and dirt.  We scrubbed the pavers with a mild concoction of powdered Tide & water in a bucket, agitating them with a short bristled brush. This helps remove & loosen up the unsightly substances. Most people do not realize the tedious time involved in properly power washing pavers & paver joints.

After all the paving stones where cleaned and dried, we swept in paver joint sand.  It is very important to keep all your paver joints filled with the proper joint sand to help keep pavers from shifting and help deter weeds & dirt from taking over.  Paver Driveways require even more attention due to the heavy & frequent traffic of cars.

This homeowner was considering sealing his paver driveway because he thought it would deter any future moss growth or keep him from having to sweep in more joint sand.  I informed him this is NOT true that moss, given the right conditions, will still grow on top of the pavers & paver jointsSealing of the paver joint sand will only be temporary as the paving stones flex to the effects of winter frost & snow and future sweeping will be required.  Though there are some important reasons to apply a brick paver sealant to pavers, I would always choose to seal your brick pavers for the aesthetic value or the "wet look" appearance.

So keep your brick pavers clean for years of beauty & enjoyment and keep your paver joints clean and filled with joint sand for long-term performance & success. Your curb appeal investment in brick pavers can not be ignored so if you do not want to do the needed work yourself, call a brick paver professional.