Sep 5, 2010

Gardenscape changed to Paver Patio

Interlocking Pavers show versatility

Recently I was hired to modify an existing brick paver Gardenscape into a fully functional Pavers Patio in Saline. This interlocking paver gardenscape design was very creative but really not functional for entertaining or casual use. This wheel & spoke design with a small inner hub did not allow enough room to be functional or allow for patio furniture. Properly designed paver patio projects will not only give years of beauty but ease of use .

I suggested that we remove the existing periwinkle ground cover and fill in the quarter circles with additional paving stones. I also suggested we use a different shape & color paving stone to achieve "paver quilting" design. Paver quilting is an brick paver industry term for mixing paving stone textures, shapes, colors, and laying patterns to achieve a quilt like design.  I also suggested we lay them in an opposite direction so they would stand out and give some additional contrast.

I also suggested we remove the center brick paver wheel & spoke design and install a fully functional Firepit made from Fendt's Fire Block kit.  These brick paver patio modifications will create a large back yard patio that will give years of enjoyment for entertaining, sun bathing, and roasting marshmallows! The homeowner wanted to have a large patio table & umbrella, multiple patio chairs, and loungers.

This brick paver project took 2 days to complete and the end result was spectacular. The beauty of interlocking pavers is that the homeowner could use their new paver patio and firepit immediately. Brick pavers do not require any dry setting so they become fully functional upon completion. That very evening our customer entertained guests and had  an attractive fire that all enjoyed making smores. This paver project serves as another brick paver installation that meets the needs of the customer! Always keep in mind that brick pavers allow for easy modifications to meet your ever changing needs or wants. Adding on or relaying pavers is one of the many advantages that interlocking pavers offer.