Sep 24, 2010

Pavers Patio 5 Year Check up : Awesome!

Outdoor Living Space created by paving stones & retaining walls

Recently I received a call from a past client who wanted to have some additional brick paver work done. This was a great opportunity for me to perform a "check up" on the paver patio installation I performed 5 years ago. It is not often you get the time or opportunity to inspect paver installations from 5 years earlier.

This homeowner has been diligent in doing the basic brick paver maintenance requirements for paving stones. They have swept paver joint sand in the paver joints each Spring and made sure that the landscape (grass & mulch) around the edges have been maintained.  A few caps on the sitting walls had come loose over the years due to winter frost but the customer was able to easily re-glue with the proper adhesive.

It is important for any brick paver contractor to spend the time at the completion of the brick paver project to educate their customer on the ongoing paver maintenance requirements.  Not only does this help during the warranty period, but this will insure the long-term success and appearance of brick pavers and modular retaining walls.  This particular customer made a sizable investment in their landscape pavers and wanted to insure its performance.

This brick paver patio project was intended to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing Outdoor Living Space to entertain family & friends.  The biggest feature is the Firepit with accompanying Sitting Walls for roasting marshmallows & hot dogs. A built-in Grill and privacy retaining walls around the Hot Tub created a unique custom design.  The paver patio steps lead up to a composite deck for added beauty and stability. The final touch was the " lion pit" installed for the egress window. Not only was it a safe & functional project, but it was the best aesthetically pleasing and matching structure.

This old world tumbled paver was Unilock's Brussels Block pavers and Brussels Dimensional  retaining wall system.  The color was Mahogany which is a color mix of Limestone & Sandstone and creates a great "taupe" hue. Many of my customers prefer an unfinished natural look over a straight line manicured appearance.  Tumbled pavers and modular retaining wall blocks typically carry an additional 50% or more per unit costs. This extra cost is due to the additional production process of tumbling the paver products and the manual restacking onto pallets.

I have always advised my customers not to seal tumbled paversSealing pavers that are tumbled will remove the scratches & textures that make them looked aged & natural. If you ever choose to seal tumbled pavers, make sure you wait atleast a year to allow the dust to wear off the surface of the paving stones or wall blocks.  If you are concerned about the tracking or disappearance of the joint sand, polymeric sand is your solution without having to seal your paver patio, walkway, driveway, porch, etc.. .

If you want to have your brick pavers project maintain the same beauty & function as it did the day it was installed, you will need to perform some minor paver maintenance each year or hire a brick paver specialist to perform this service for you.  This particular customer wanted to protect their investment and today they are reaping the rewards!  Bring on the Smores and break out the Towne Club soda and lets party!