Oct 18, 2010

Redesign & Restoration of Homeowner's Brick Paver Patio

Brick Pavers allow for easy add-ons & redesign possibilities

We just completed this brick paver patio redesign & restoration in Ypsilanti that the homeowner installed himself years ago.  The homeowner had built their home on a tight budget and needed a serviceable patio for his family, so he installed a simple square paver patio under his upper level deck .  Now five years later, it was time to complete their dream of a beautiful & functional paver patio under their deck so they could expand their Outdoor Living space.

We started by keeping in the current installed paver patio by the homeowner by restoring and repairing areas that needed attention. This saved the homeowner considerable costs since we did not need to completely reinstall his paver installation.  After restoring, we reswept in new paver joint sand and recompacted the pavers with a power plate compactor to relevel & relock the paving stones.

Our redesign of the paver patio included adding on additional paving stones to make the patio area under the deck larger & more functional for the homeowner's needs.  We also created a design layout that best utilized the new paving stones with the old paving stones currently installed.  The finished paver installation was a success by meeting our client's overall objective and appearance expectations.

Interlocking pavers are one of the most versatile pavements or products for Outdoor Living spaces  when it comes to modifications, redesign, add-ons, or replacement. Cement, asphalt, wooden decks, etc..  are much more restrictive and show ill effects if repaired, modified, or replaced. Given the variable of time, interlocking pavers and modular retaining wall systems offer the the best economical, appearance, and functional choice. A good brick paver contractor will specialize in coming up with redesign solutions that utilize your current paver products and materials that will result in cost savings to you.