Jan 9, 2011

2011 will be a good year for Brick Pavers in Ann Arbor

Paver Patio Installations, Repair, Cleaning, and Sealing is on the rise!

As the economy in Ann Arbor, Saline, Canton, and Southeast Michigan improves slightly in 2011, homeowners are now reconsidering their brick paver patios & walkway needs. Paver Patios and walks have dominated the Outdoor Living spaces market for the last 30 years but has suffered a tremendous downturn due to the economic turmoil the past few years.

As a hard working brick paver specialist and contractor the past 28 years, I noticed the pendulum starting to swing back to more brick paver interest and needs during 2010.  I expect 2011 to make huge strides in the installation, repair & restoration, cleaning, sealing, and maintenance of interlocking pavers and modular retaining walls.

All service areas for paving stones are on the rise and good brick paver contractors are offering the spectrum of services that homeowners need.  Below are the reasons I am so optimistic about the 2011 brick paver season.


As the economy has slightly ticked up, so has new home building. Though it is minimal, new home building has began to re-emerge.  Up until about 2006, 50% of my brick paver company revenues came from "new" home installations. In 2008, it fell to less than 10% of my total revenues.

Brick paver contractors lived and died by the new home construction sword if they were not diversified with offering "all" brick pavers services.  New home paver installations are the most profitable projects for brick paving contractors and this slow insurgence of new home building will help make this concrete paver industry more attractive.

Repairs & Restoration: 

The flip coin of homeowners not being able to sell their homes or build new ones was the insurgence for the need of "existing" brick paver patio, walkway, driveway, and porch repair. Homeowners quickly realized they were staying put and there was an immediate need for their brick pavers and retaining walls to be repaired and restored.

It is easy for homeowners to neglect their paver patios since it was not a financial necessity.  But as homeowners came to the conclusion that they were remaining in their current homes for years to come, they focused on home improvements.  With a little touch-up and re-focused attention too, paver patios could once again be an attractive and functional family outdoor living space. I predict that my paver repair & restoration projects in 2011 will double due to the emphasis by homeowners to improve what they currently have.

Cleaning, Sanding, and Sealing:

Good brick paving contractors will educate their homeowners to the benefits of touch-up repairs, cleaning, sanding, and sealing (optional) of paving stones.  In Ann Arbor, there has been a tremendous interest in these brick pavers servicesInterlocking brick pavers and retaining wall maintenance is now in the forefront.

With new and improved products for paving stones hitting the market each year, the needs for these opportunities to improve the appearance of paver patios has come to the attention of homeowners. From removing moss, efflorescence, and rust stains to polymeric sand to varying sealer appearances, paving stones products are revitalizing the attention too paver patios, walkways, driveways, and paver porch maintenance.

In conclusion, there is a resurgence in the attention for interlocking brick pavers and modular retaining walls services throughout Michigan as the economic uncertainty is stabilizing. Homeowners are reinvesting in their current homes while new home builidng begins to reappear. Capitalizing on these diverse services of paving stones will improve profits during 2011 for any good brick paver contractor who pays attention to this opportunity.