Feb 13, 2011

Unilock introduces some New Paver Products for 2011

Quality Brick Paver Manufacturer in Michigan keeps moving forward

This past week I met with one of UNILOCK's senior reps, Al Martin, to see what new products will be offered for 2011.  Unilock, Inc. is one of North America's largest manufacturer of high density concrete paving stones and modular retaining walls, steps, & caps.  They are a leader in the innovation and introduction of superior paving stone products.  2011 is no exception as some intriguing new products will be introduced by Unilock.

Unilock has introduced a new paving stone unit called TREVIA which is inspired by the natural flagstone appearance.  With 6 natural pattern units, TREVIA offers a quick and uncomplicated installation option while creating an incredible natural looking surface.  Like Unilocks other products, TREVIA's advantages lie in it's beauty, strength, and consistency.

The ever growing need for attractive and consistent capping (coping) of walls,pillars, & steps has improved by Unilock's introduction of LEDGESTONE.  It is a universal capping system that can be used for almost any Unilock wall system whether it is pillars, seat walls, steps, porches, or grill islands LEDGESTONE has a matching Pillar cap that will complete an attractive natural stone look.  It comes in 2 attractive neutral colors, pitched edges, and offers a bullnose unit. 

Paver lights have been a challenging proposition for brick paver contractors and homeowners alike.  Durable and reliable lighting pavers has been futile.  Unilock is introducing a solution to this ongoing frustration.... Nightec !  These photoluminescent  pavers glow at night after collecting sunlight during the day.  This accent lighting paver has a high initial cost but when you factor in no wiring, no transformer, no installation cost, and no electricity & charging cost, these weather proof lighting pavers make great sense.  They also can be designed and  installed into a wall face. 

Unilock is a company with a premise "to bring comfort, style, and distinction to the home with timeless products of quality."   Performance is a main goal for Unilock products.  Appearance is important but long term success and structural integrity is what the customer needs.  Unilock has exceeded the expectations of both homeowners and brick paver contractors with this premise.