May 23, 2011

Brick Paver Walkway Restored in Ann Arbor

Even after 15 years of neglect, Brick Pavers Walkway looks like new again!

When I first approached this brick paver walkway in Ann Arbor, I knew my team and I could bring it back to life.  The homeowner believed she had to replace the paving stones with a new paver. I assured her that I could make her walkway look new again!  She trusted my recommendations and we began the transformation.

We started by lifting up the entire Holland paver walk since it had dips, gaps, and uneven lines throughout the entire length. We cleaned off the top layer of base that had been contaminated with soils & silt and re-compacted the rest with a plate compactor. We added new additional base as needed and began re-installing this paver walkway in like size, dimensions, and shape.

Upon completing the re-installation of paving stones, we replaced the old PVC edge restraint that had severely lifted with a hidden cement bead. We cleaned the surface of the paving stones with a power washer & mild general cleaner. After this paver walkway was dry enough, we swept in paver joint sand, compacted with a plate compactor, and then finished with another sweeping of paver joint sand.

A couple days later after everything was dry, we touched up the paver joints with sand, blew off all excess with a blower, and then applied an approved brick paver sealant. We instructed the homeowner to block off and stay off the paver walkway for at least 24 hours and then enjoy! This once eye sore has now brightened the view & curb appeal of this home.

 The results were dramatic and this homeowner saved over $1,000 by not replacing the paving stones. Not all cases of paver restorations will get the same results, but the majority of our projects do.  It takes time, experience, and detailed knowledge to get this type of repair, cleaning, and sealing results. It is usually best to let your brick paver specialist perform these services for your brick paver patio, walkway, driveway, and more.