Jun 12, 2011

Brick Paver Raised Patio Restored in Canton

Paver Patio Walls and Paving Stones repaired & cleaned for new life!

After 15 years, this Raised Brick Paver Patio in Canton was in much need of restoration. The homeowner was not the original owner but the need for using their paver patio became a priority when they began to work out of their home.  With some aggressive repair techniques & surface cleaning of the wall blocks, caps, and paving stones, my crew and I where able to renew this homeowner's passion for morning breakfast on the patio.

In so many reconstructions of raised paver patios, the wall blocks & caps needed stretches rebuilt to retain the pavers properly.  The wall caps were removed, cleaned of glue & dirt, and re-adhered after we completely re-leveled the wall blocks that had dipped and leaned out. 

We removed all the paving stones, removed any contaminated base, re-compacted the existing base material, and added additional base as needed.  We relaid the pavers in the same herringbone pattern and then power wash cleaned them.  We finished as always by sweeping in paver joint sand, compacting, and then sweeping again.

The new homeowners were amazed by the transformation.  They had just avoided using this raised paver patio for the last couple of years due to its state of distress.  Embarrassed to have family or friends over, it was time for them to take action.
There is no reason to be discouraged, embarrassed, or scared to use your brick paver patio.  There is no reason you can't enjoy morning coffee on a pristine pavers patio that can be newly restored.