Jul 15, 2011

New Life for Raised Brick Paver Patio

Raised Paver Patio in Canton Restored

Each day we are restoring Raised Brick Paver Patios in Canton that need immediate attention. Mainly due to the lack of routine long-term maintenance by homeowners over the last 15+ years, these interlocking paving stone patios have shifted & loosened over years of neglect & lack of joint sand sweepings. My team and I not only perform repair, cleaning, & sealing services, but we take the time to educate the homeowner on avoiding future costly repair costs.

If the paving stones, wall blocks, and caps are loose or drastically shifted, then the paver patio is in much need of attention.  Often the first sign of trouble is lack of paver joint sand in the paving joints. Weeds, dirt, moss, and grass take over the joints which are the most important function of interlocking brick pavers.

Another sign of distress is the "leaning out" of modular retaining wall blocks & caps that retain the patio.  Much of the "leaning" is caused by the settling of the paving stones behind the cap. When these paving stones settle below the top of the cap, water flowing over the patio begins to channel behind the wall blocks.  This slow long-term erosion and freeze thaw cycle pressure puts alot of hydrostatic pressure on the strength of the wall.  Mother nature will always win out so it is important to address these signs in a timely manner.

But not all is lost!  This particular raised paver patio in Canton was restored by my team and I for just under $2,000. We had to completely relay ALL the paving stones inside the wall blocks & caps, adjust an area of wall blocks, adhere all loose caps, and reconstruct the step at the doorwall.  We power wash cleaned the entire paver patio and swept in regular paver joint sand to prep for sealing with an approved brick paver sealant.

This particular homeowner inherited this distressed raised paver patio a few years ago when he purchased the home.  Had the original homeowner been diligent in maintaining the patio over the years, the enormous cost of repairs could have been minimal. Like any outdoor structures or pavements, touch-ups and routine maintenance is required.

If properly installed & maintained over the years, Brick Paver Patios still outperform wooden decks and stamped concreted.  A half hour of your time or paying as little as $50 each Spring to have paver joint sand swept in the paver joints can save $1000's and years of frustration & angst.

If you are experiencing the same signs or results of this once distressed paver patio, call a brick paver specialist, not a landscaper, before the winter freeze to avoid unnecessary costly repairs. Do not lose hope that your brick paver installation whether it be a patio, walkway, driveway, or porch can be restored to its original beauty & function!