Oct 3, 2011

Paver Patios Repair, Cleaning, and Sealing

Paver Patios restored to original beauty will bring many years of enjoyment again

This past week we restored several brick paver patios to their original beauty and function. These paver patios needed minor repairs, cleaning, sanding, and sealing to bring back the life and appearance these homeowners once enjoyed.

A few homeowners thought they needed to replace their old paving stones with new ones to get the appearance they wanted. I was able to assure them that a less expensive option was available.  We repaired settled areas as needed, cleaned the paving stones & joints to bring back some color & texture, and then completed the paver restoration process with sealing the paving stones with a long lasting and approved paver sealer.

Some other homeowners had tried to restore or repair their own paver patios but without the results that an experienced brick paver contractor can return.  I commend their effort but if you are not patient, experienced, or have the proper tools, the paver patio restoration results will fall short. 

If you are discouraged with your brick paver patio, walk, steps, porch, driveway, etc.. due to its unsightly appearance, don't fret!  They can be restored and made beautiful again. Call a qualified brick paver contractor today to see your options and associated costs.