Sep 11, 2011

Small Brick Paver Walkway Installed in old neighborhood in Ann Arbor

Clay Pavers over Cement slab and bordered with wood timbers are replaced

This week in near downtown Ann Arbor we replaced an old clay paver walkway that was installed over the old cement slab walk and bordered with wood landscape timbers. This was a cosmetic solution by the prior owner to dress up the curb appeal of the home to sell, but over the long-term this application was going to fail.

  The old existing walkway was showing signs of distress and becoming unsightly. The cement slab below would heave up the clay pavers during winter frost and the wood landscape timbers began to rot & bow.  Since the clay pavers were not set over a properly draining base, they did not properly perform and became uneven, loose, and gapped.

 The new homeowner wanted to improve the appearance of her home and at the same time, remove the small step up at the city sidewalk that was causing tripping.   The new homeowner wanted to use a style of brick paver that was traditional to the theme of old Ann Arbor. I suggested we use the most traditional shape, 4X8 inch rectangle, laid in a popular herringbone pattern.  The outside edges are outlined with a soldier course border to "picture frame" the walk and prevent small cut pieces to come loose.

  We removed the clay pavers which were in great structural shape and donated them to a local youth camp.  The old cement slab was removed and the soil was excavated to the proper depth. The excavated soil was compacted, the base material was installed & compacted, and  the bedding course was leveled and pitched properly.  The new high density concrete interlocking pavers were installed in a soft curved design and flared at the city sidewalk.

This small brick pavers walkway is a simple and affordable solution to improve the appearance, safety, and value of a home. Front walkways are a integral part of any home's curb appeal and lure. Choosing interlocking brick pavers as a replacement of old concrete sidewalks is a feasible and economical solution.