Dec 22, 2011

Brick Paver Contractors Retool in the Winter Wonderland

Brick Paver Repair, Cleaning, & Sealing Services are on hold until Spring

As the winter season closes in on Southeast Michigan, most brick paver contractors have stored away their brick paver tools and equipment until Spring.  They have now swapped out their concrete saws & plate compactors for snowblowers and plows.  Retooling by brick paver contractors is a yearly tradition here in Michigan, the Winter Wonderland !

As the ground begins to freeze solid and winter frost begins its annual process, most brick paver contractors completely transform their business model to snow removal services.  Unlike most regions in the country, Michigan landscape and brick paver contractors completely halt their normal business practices for over 4 months.

When you operate an outdoor installation or repair service, Mother Nature is always in control. Winter is the most challenging of the seasons. Spring brings days of rain, Summer brings days of extreme heat, Fall brings a slow down of new leads, and Winter brings brick paver repair & installations to a complete halt.  You can not reset or install pavers on frozen ground.

Since bills and payments do not come to a halt during the Winter months, contractors in Michigan need to generate some cash flow to keep their business and workers operating. Some paver contractors will do christmas light hanging, wood splitting, and general labor services to try and make ends meet.

Snow removal is a brutal business that usually does not make much profit.  It is erratic, untimely, and brutal on trucks & equipment. Most contractors perform this service to continue their cash flow and give their employees some work for the Winter.  Others look at the Winter in Michigan as a time to shut down, rest, regroup, and reorganize for the upcoming Spring rush.

Which ever business model a brick paver contractor chooses for the the Winter months, it is sure to be a challenge that many contractors throughout the country do not have to face.  They refer to the Midwest as the "rust belt" and we all do our best to keep our businesses shining!