Aug 15, 2012

Pavers Patio Replaces Old Concrete Patio in Canton, MI

Brick Pavers create a new Beautiful & Functional Patio and Step

The number one request we receive when installing brick pavers is replacing old, cracked, sunken, and deteriorated concrete patios, steps, and walks.  In Canton, MI this month we replaced this unsightly cement patio that drastically sloped back to the house, resulting in water problems around the foundation.  Because the cement patio had sunk, the rise on the cement step was over 12" and causing a safety issue.  It was time for the homeowner to address this unsightly and unsafe outdoor living space.

The homeowner was referred to us by a couple of clients that we had installed pavers patios for over the past few years.  The homeowner did get a couple of quotes from other brick paver contractors in the local area but they did not compare to us in ideas, dependability, and confidence.  Our price was in the middle of the 2 other contractors but the homeowner had complete confidence in our expertise and professionalism.  We did not disappoint!

After removing the old concrete patio & step, we prepped the base material and established the new height of the pavers patio and step.  Not only did we create the proper pitch from the house foundation, but we built the new pavers patio slightly above grade (yard level) to allow proper drainage off the patio.  Using extra base material to set the height, the patio had the appearance of a raised pavers patio without the cost of installing a retaining wall block & cap.

We transitioned the height of the pavers patio with the existing lawn height by stripping an additional 3-4ft of lawn.  We installed topsoil from the outside row of pavers gradually down to the lawn height. This created a new raised landscape bed for the customer to plant dwarf bushes, perennials, or annuals and cover with an organic mulch or stone mulch.  We also installed some flagstone paths off the pavers patio through the landscape beds to allow access into the yard.  You can just install grass, sod or seed, instead of a landscape bed but keep in mind it will have some slope.

The new pavers step was constructed with solid modular retaining wall block & caps.  This helps prevent any ongoing repair to brick paver inlays.  The only drawback is your paver steps or landing must be rectangular and not curved.  We created comfortable and safe 7" rises from the doorwall down to the paver block step and from the paver block step down to the pavers patio.

The homeowner took advantage of increasing the size of the new pavers patio to better facilitate there outdoor living space needs.  The popular "kidney" shaped design met their needs while softening the angles on the home.  The actual size of the patio was determined by placing all the furniture, grill, fire pit, etc.. out and outlining the needed space.  The outline can be executed by using marking paint, stakes, or the garden hose.

We properly installed this new pavers patio and step by meeting or exceeding all industry specifications of installing brick pavers.  The design was both aesthetically pleasing and functional.  The homeowner was educated on future maintenance requirements to insure long-term performance.  The end result was a completely satisfied homeowner and a proud brick pavers owner & crew!