Feb 20, 2010

Best Time to do Brick Paver Repair

Interlocking Pavers and Paving Stones

When the winter frost starts to come out of the ground in Ann Arbor, Michigan, brick paver customers begin to get anxious if they have brick paver or retaining wall repairs.  It is important to be patient about when those paver repairs are to be done.

I explain to my clients that it is important to wait until the ground has firmed up and is dry.  Winter freeze thaw cycles churn up the ground and make it very soft. My prior post explained some of the damaging effects of frost and what to observe when your paver patio or walk shows signs.

In Michigan and other Midwest states, we are fully aware of the numerous pot holes our roads experience in early Spring.  States impose "frost laws" on the roads which limits weight that can be hauled. This is intended to help save our roads from further damage as a result of the soft ground (subsoil) under our pavements.  The same holds true for interlocking pavers and modular retaining walls.

Barring any safety issues, the best time to do brick paver repair or retaining wall repair in Ann Arbor is usually June.  Usually after the April rains, May begins to have drier weather which allow the ground (subsoil) to firm up nicely. While performing brick paver repairs, it is important to recompact base material and reset your paving stones on a firm and compacted subsoil.

When a client reports a warranty or non-warranty brick paver repair, I assure them that their paver repair needs will be addressed.  It is always hard to pinpoint a date but we begin to address paver service calls in June to insure a proper repair process.  The biggest problem for us brick paver contractors in Ann Arbor is that June is our busiest brick paver installation month of the year.  So it is a double edged sword.  As a paving contractor, we have a limited time to be profitable with the Michigan climate and at the same time have the man power & resources to perform service calls.

Be patient with your brick paver contractor if it takes until Late Spring or Early Summer to perform some brick paver or retaining wall repairs.  I always make exceptions for paver repairs  that present a safety issue, such as, a tripping hazzard. As a client, it always helps the process by sending pictures of the needed repair to your brick paver contractor.

This dilemma for paving contractors and customers alike is why I have specialized in brick paver repair, cleaning, sealing, and paver maintenance service as our main focus of business. After almost 10,000 brick paver installations and repairs, it is time reinvent my business to the brick paver after-market services that clients desperately need.