Mar 12, 2010

A Brick Paver Repair to Avoid

Paving Stone Repair

Today I did a brick paver repair bid on a paver patio in Ann Arbor. Here is a picture of a common paver repair I see each Spring.  In the picture, you can see that the one paving stone that the leg of this fire grill is on has sunk. The most common occurrence I see of this effect is when people leave their patio furniture umbrella stand on the paver patio through the Winter.

This common paver patio repair is the result of the weight of the fire grill not allowing this individual paving stone and paver base below to flex to frost movements. Therefore, the surrounding pavers and paver base were able to flex to the freeze thaw cycle and the one paving stone the leg sat on did not. The result is the weighted down paver sunk into the base as the surrounding paver base flexed up.

Though this brick paver repair is minimal, it can be a nuisance and eyesore. In frost states like Michigan, it is important NOT to leave (stationary) any weighted items on your brick paver patios, walks, drives, or porches through the frost Winter months. Just simplly place items in your plant beds, garage, or yard until the winter frost has disappeared from your soil or paver base.