Jun 27, 2010

Brick Paver Walkway Repair & Polymeric Sanding

This past week in Ann Arbor we did a brick paver repair of a brick walkway & porch approach. This brick paver walkway was in need of immediate attention. According to the customer, the paver walk had quickly deteriorated this past few years.  Due to the lack of yearly maintenance and some homeowner inspection, this paving stone walk began to fail.

This brick paver walkway had evidence of severe erosion due to joint gapping, lack of paver joint sand, weed & grass growth in the paver joints, and the exposure of the cement bead edge restraint.  Paving stones where loose and uneven and the brick walk was beginning to stretch or move out throughout the paver pathway & porch approach.

 We lifted up all the paving stones, power washed them off, recompacted the old paver base material, added some new paver base to relevel properly, relaid the paving stones, installed a new cement bead paver edge restraint, and finally finished off the paver joints with polymeric sand. We also covered up the outside edge restraint with soil & sod to protect the outside edges from erosion.

After we completed this brick paver repair project, I spent a half hour educating my customer on the yearly paver maintenance requirements. I also pointed out the early signs of any trouble the pavers may exhibit so he can have us address these issues before they become a costly paver repair.

Another successful brick paver restoration by Brick Doctor Bill this week. We will move on to the other side of Ann Arbor this week to help bring back the beauty & function of paving stones and retaining walls in your neighborhood!