Jul 17, 2010

Raised Paver Patio Repair in Saline

This past week we performed an extensive raised paver patio repair in Saline. This multi-level brick paver patio was in distress and needed the raised patio walls & caps to be firmed up.  Brick Doctor Bill and his qualified staff was up for the challenge and the paver patio repair service began.

We first removed all the paving stones from each level so we could evaluate & re-compact the old base material. New paver base was added to set the proper paver patio height & pitches. The biggest challenge was to relevel and sure up all the modular retaining wall blocks & caps.  Most of the current retaining wall caps were loose and shifted. This resulted in alot of the paving stones shifting and eventually sinking & gapping. Loose caps also present a safety issue.

We removed all the caps, re-leveled blocks as needed, and reinstalled the caps to fit tight and accurately. Some new caps where needed for replacement and re-cutting proper angles. All caps were adhered using a SRW adhesive.

All the paving stones were reinstalled with proper brick paver installation techniques & pitches. It was necessary to use an additional bundle of a new style of paver around the inside of the raised paver patio caps laid in a sailor's rope pattern.  The reason we needed some additional paving stones was that the current style of pavers was no longer available.  When you reinstall most large brick paver projects, you will need to recut pavers as they will not all fit back into place.  The customer actually liked this new added detail and said it helped freshen up the look.

It is very important to keep the caps of any raised paver patio, paver porch, or steps secured so the paving stones do not begin to shift or gap.  The same holds true for the modular retaining wall blocks. As they shift or loosen, all base material & paving stones will follow.

A minor brick paver repair service call now will save $1,000's of dollars later as this homeowner experienced.  Remember that brick pavers are low maintenance, not NO maintenance!