Jul 25, 2010

No Heat, Rain, or Sleet will stop our Brick Paver Repair

We are currently working on some severe brick paver step repairs in Saline.  Even though the heat has been 90+ with heavy periodic rains and occasional sleet, we are pushing forward with our paver repair services. Keeping hydrated, taking shade breaks, and ending our work days early has kept us producing. We also have an unconventional way of cooling off (see pic).

As Ann Arbor and Saline has been hammered with severe weather this summer, the need for properly draining interlocking brick pavers and safe brick steps has never been so important.  If current paver patio repairs are not addressed, the sunken areas will increase and become more costly & unsafe for the homeowner.

We are working feverishly through this hot & wet summer to insure safety & appearance of brick paver patios, walkways, driveways, porches & steps, etc.. .  Brick paver repair work will continue into December before the frost sets in. It is never too late to get your brick pavers restored or revived.

The next post will be a pictorial "before & after" of reconstructing some brick paver steps that needed immediate repair & reconstruction.  This week's weather seems more tolerable and we will continue meeting the needs of our customers.