Jul 18, 2010

Paver Patio Repair, Cleaning, and Sealing

We completed a paver patio repair, cleaning, and sealing this week.  This customer has kept up with yearly paver joint sand sweeping but a few minor paver repairs where needed.  The paver joints did exhibit moss, weeds, and grass growth which became unattractive and evasive. 

This brick paver patio had never been sealed and the customer wanted to improve the appearance of the paving stones while slowing down the weathering of the paver surface.  After 5 years being installed by a brick paver contractor, this paver patio was in need of some tender loving care.

We first performed the brick paver repair, then spent a 2 1/2 hours powerwashing out the old paver joint sand, moss, weeds, and grass growth. We also powerwashed the paving stone surfaces to remove mold, dirt, and other patio stains.

We returned a few hours later when the paving stones & paver joints were dry so we could sweep in new paver joint sand.  After joint sand sweeping, we blew off the excess joint sand with a leaf blower, and lightly misted down with water to help clean the paving stones of excess sand on the surface.

The next day was sunny and dry and we returned in the late afternoon to seal the paver patio. We needed to touch up some excessive sand spots on the paver patio with a wisk broom and leaf blower again. We made sure everything was dry especially the paver joints before sealing the pavers. We used an approved brick paver sealant known as "Super Diamond Clear" by Ever Clear.  We sprayed on a generous coat of paver sealer and instructed the customer to stay off for 24 hours.