Aug 23, 2010

Brick Paver Path and Step solves a problem

Interlocking Pavers have many uses

This customer had a problem with an area on the side of the house that would not grow grass. This area was also used by their lawn service company to enter & exit the backyard.  This problem area was always muddy and had ruts from the riding mowers.

The customer needed a solution for the lawn service company's access and they wanted a decorative appearance for this area.  Mulch, ground cover, or grass was not a viable option. The solution:  A brick paverpaver step path & off the porch would meet both the customer's needs.

Brick pavers are not always the most economical solution but they give added aesthetic and functional value that is unmatched.  We kept the overall price down by using the brick paver manufacturers overstock pavers and mixed colors too. The color mix of the paving stones gave a unique autumn color appearance.  We also laid a simple 90 degree herringbone pattern with a soldier course border and this kept the need for saw cutting to a minimum.

The paver step was added off the side of the front porch to facilitate the use of the brick paver path by the homeowner.  We finished off the inside of this paver path with a brick on edge along the inside of the paving stones to create a lip for mulch and soil around the plants.

The hidden gem here was that the customer now uses this brick paver path to receive packages in the back for their home business. Pavers can be a great solution for problems you have never thought of before.  We have created columns & pillars, grills and fireplaces, fire pits, driveway strips along the outside of concrete drives, sandboxes, and more!

 Did you know that paving stones can bring your unsightly porch back to life?  There are many different applications for porches and that will be demonstrated & explained in a future post.