Aug 22, 2010

Small Brick Paver Jobs

Interlocking Paver Pad

We installed this small brick paver pad for a condo in Ann Arbor this week. I am often asked if we do small brick paver jobs....the answer is.. "We love small paver jobs!"

This brick paver customer just needed a small paver pad out his condo patio screen door to keep mulch & dirt from being tracked into his patio. We installed this 25sq.ft paver pad in about 2 hours. When you factor in loading time, drive time, and clean up. the whole project was about 3 hours worth of work.

There are several factors to keep in mind so the price of your small brick paver project will be reasonable. This customer followed my recommendations to keep the price below $300. Most landscape or paver contractors will do your small paver project at an inflated price.

First, I would allow the brick paver contractor to use a new paver they have left over in stock (make sure you are not getting any used pavers unless discussed) . Second, allow the pavers contractor to use any color or a mix of colors. Allow the contractor to lay out the dimensions so the saw cutting of the pavers is minimal or not needed. Allow the paver contractor to lose the excavated soils on-site and finally, allow the contractor to use your job as a "Plug Job". A "plug job" allows the contractor to fit the job in any day or time he has a "gap" in their schedule and they can "plug" you in. Often I will have a guaranteed completion date which may be a month or two out depending on time of year.

If you are flexible and not in an immediate rush, you can often get a good price on a small brick paver project. Most often brick paver contractors are your best choice because they have extra stock of pavers and are more efficient to make the project reasonably profitable.