Mar 23, 2011

Brick Pavers Repair, Cleaning, & Sealing requires a Specialist

Not all Brick Paver Contractors are the same

For years now I have been preaching to homeowners to make sure they hire a qualified & experienced brick paver contractor or installer for their pavers patio, walkway, driveway, porch & steps, and retaining walls. It is important to select a good pavers contractor whos sole business is interlocking paving stones & modular retaining wall systems.

When it comes to brick paver repair, cleaning, and sealing, not all brick paver contractors are the same.  Most contractors installing brick pavers are just interested in installing new patios, walks, drives, etc..  and not in providing for the "total" services needed for long-term performance and enjoyment.

The repair of brick pavers and retaining walls is much more challenging than installing new from scratch.  Forethought, experience, and expertise are necessary qualities of a quality brick paver contractor to successfully perform paver repair services.  Cleaning & Sealing of paving stones requires acute knowledge of products & techniques that most inexperienced contractors do not properly perform or care to perform.

Aside from totally tearing down & reconstructing a paver or landscape wall project, repair services have many more challenges than installing from scratch.  Meeting height restrictions and reusing existing products can be frustrating.  Lifting up installed paving stones is more tedious than taking them off a stacked bundle.  Cleaning off the products from dirt, sand, gravel, glue, and other debris is another added step.

Planning a strategy that best meets the need for a repair and homeowner's budget can further restrict the services performed.  I would love to re-design & rebuild from the ground up to insure success & functionality but homeowner budgets do not usually allow for this approach.  I do several estimates a week that other unqualified paver contractors say their project needs to be totally rebuilt but really is not necessary.

Unforeseen situations, lack of availability of older products & colors, and poor original designs will handcuff most inexperienced brick paver contractors.  In the past, I have found that you can not just send out any crew member to execute brick pavers or retaining wall repairs.  I find that sending an experienced foreman gives the best results for both the contractor and homeowner alike.

Most stories I hear from frustrated homeowners who have had paver repairs that have failed or have not met their expectations all end the same way ... "they sent some kid out to fix our bricks !"  Landscape contractors and psuedo brick paver contractors do not prioritize brick pavers and retaining wall service, techniques, or resources.  Sure, they are really interested when they give you an inflated quote which then will make it worth their time and effort.

 When getting pavers repair quotes, ask what percentage of their business is brick paver repair, cleaning, & sealing services.  We perform 80% services and 20% new installations.  You want a quality contractor who will schedule your repair services and not just get to it when they have time.
 It is important to select a local brick paver contractor who focuses and cares about the restoration services that you need to enjoy your investment for years to come.