Apr 8, 2011

Brick Paver Driveway need is easily resolved

Driveways constructed from Interlocking Pavers allow for easy maintenance solutions

In Ann Arbor this past week one of our brick paver driveway repair & maintenance customers had a unique request.  They wanted us to improve the appearance & curb appeal of their paver driveway and replace a dozen damaged paving stones. Though we did not initially install this 5,000 sq.ft. paving stone driveway, we have been contracted to perform ongoing maintenance services.

The original brick pavers contractor did not leave the homeowner any extra paving stones for future replacement of damaged or stained bricks.  This customers brick paver driveway was a special run of color and buying extra pavers was not available.  The resolution for this special need was then conceived.

We decided to create a design within the paver driveway that would allow us to obtain extra needed paving stones for current & future replacement and at the same time, rejuvenate the curb appeal at the street.

We removed @100 sq.ft area of Cobblestone pavers at the bottom of the driveway and installed a traditional and distinctive herringbone pattern using Holland pavers. The herringbone pattern is a strong lock up design and is a perfect application for brick paver driveways. We then replaced a few damaged & stained paving stones and stored the rest neatly in the homeowners garage. 

We will be returning later this Spring to power wash clean the entire brick paver driveway and paver joints, re-sweep new paver joint sand, and then apply an approved brick paver sealant. It is important to have a brick pavers contractor who performs ongoing maintenance services so they can resolve your special paver needs.