Apr 16, 2011

Brick Pavers Walkway Repaired, Cleaned, & Sealed in Ann Arbor

Overhaul of paving stones can bring back the original beauty & function!

We just finished the total restoration of a Brick Paver Walkway in Ann Arbor this week. Like many products, interlocking pavers can be restored to its original beauty & function by an experienced & trained brick pavers contractor.  This paver walk needed some desperate repair for safety reasons and the homeowner wanted to restore its original elegance with cleaning & sealing.

The damaged areas of this paving stone walk was created by the PVC edge restraint lip severely lifting up the outside bricks.

We removed the PVC edge restraint, lifted up @18" in on both sides of the walkway, re-compacted the base, re-leveled using additional base, and ran a power plate compactor over the entire walk to help re-lock & re-level heaved paving stones.  We used a cement bead edge restraint to avoid the same repair in the future. The final result was spectacular!

We then restored this brick pavers walkway's original beauty by power wash cleaning the paving stones & paver joints, re-sanding with joint sand, and then carefully applying an approved brick paver sealant a few days later after all paving stones & paver joints where completely dry.

This paver walk did not have any routine or periodic maintenance performed for over 10 years and it showed.  We were able to completely restore this walkway for just under $1,000 and with routine sanding of the paver joints and occasional sealing, this brick paver walkway can give a lifetime of beauty & function.

Brick paver walkways that are properly designed, installed, and periodically maintained will be successful in appearance, function, curb appeal, and safety. Do not give up on the chance for yours to be restored & enjoyed again.