Apr 12, 2011

Small Brick Pavers Steps Job Gives Big Results!

Versatile & Durable Modular Retaining Walls, Cap Units, & Pavers

Last week in Saline, we replaced crumbling mortared brick steps and a cracked cement pad with a new Brick Pavers Steps System consisting of modular retaining wall blocks, coping units, and interlocking pavers. The result was not only functional, but offered some simple beauty & peace of mind.

This homeowner needed a permanent solution to the years of patching mortared brick steps and sealing cracked cement. Not only was it unsightly and unsafe, but these deteriorating brick steps where costly to have repaired every few years.  I recommended we remove the existing steps & cement pad and replace with a low maintenance solution.

The prior brick steps had very high step rises and a small step tread that made them very unsafe. We created a top landing step that was 2 foot out and all the step rises where within code and all the same rise.  We finished off this brick paver installation with a small brick paver transition pad that connected the steps to the driveway. This project was done for just under $1,000 and eliminated years of aggravation & strife.

Michigan's extreme weather and freeze thaw cycles are brutal on mortared steps or pavers. Using tongue 'n groove, pinning, or interlocking block & cap products make for attractive & durable solutions to the age old problem of crumbling bricks & mortar.