May 14, 2011

Brick Pavers Restored in Ann Arbor

Paver Patio, Steps, and Front Walk repair, cleaning, & sealing

If your brick paver patio, steps, or walk is in much need of attention, do not fret, a qualified brick paver contractor can restore them to their original beauty.  This past week my team and I had a challenging paver restoration project in Ann Arbor. Their paver patio was covered in mildew & moss. The front paver walk had alot of gapping & settling. The front walk steps where improperly installed and deteriorating. See this transformation!

Assessing the time & cost of restoring brick pavers can only come from years of experience.  I often work with customers that want to perform the cleaning process and that is fine. Repairs & sealing should be handled by the brick paver specialist to insure long term success & performance.

The pavers patio had never been cleaned or sanded since it was installed. Moss had taken over most of the paver joints and dirt & mildew diminished the color & texture of the paving stones.  By aggressively power washing & scrubbing with a general cleanser, we were able to prep this brick patio for a coat of paver sealant.  After we completed the sealing, this brick paver patio was anew & vibrant.

Look to the right here at the "before" and "after" pics to give you an idea of the magic that can be done to give you the confidence to have family and friends over again!

The front paver walk had several areas of settling and the soldier course row on both sides was gapping. Not only did the gaps present a tripping hazzard, the "opened wound" allows for erosion of the under base and breeds weeds & grass growth.  The paver repairs were performed first, the entire walk was cleaned & re-sanded, and then completed with an application of brick paver sealant. Repair of paving stones are not as easy as the original installation. Re-installing the pavers require attention to detail and foreseeing issues.  Often we find ourselves just relaying stretches of the paver installation because the frustration level will be greatly reduced.

The existing front walk paver steps were improperly installed by mortaring the paving stones together. After years of touch-up and frustrating repairs, the homeowner wanted another solution. In frost States like Michigan, mortared high density concrete pavers will NOT last long as steps. Our solution was to install a modular retaining wall block & cap system for the new steps. If there are any future need for repair, they can easily be repaired at a very low cost and no unsightly patched mortar.

If the brick pavers around your house have been neglected, it is not too late to restore & enhance the beauty and function they once served.  The cost is always determined by the severity of the neglect and the labor time it will take to restore.  The good news is we usually can reuse the paving stones and wall blocks & caps to keep the cost reasonable.  With a little tender loving care, you can avoid the high costs associated with extreme make overs.