May 1, 2011

Raised Paver Patio is Restored after 17 Years

Multi-Level Brick Paver Patio in Canton restored back to original beauty and function!

After 17 years since being installed, this elevated or raised brick paver patio needed some immediate attention to restore the enjoyment the homeowner experienced for so many years.  Brick paver repair, cleaning, and sealing can restore outdoor living spaces like patios, walks, driveways, etc.. to their original beauty & function.

The homeowner admittedly ignored the need for repair, cleaning, and sealing of this raised paver patio for many years.  The result was added settling of the patio retaining walls and paving stones.  As dirt & silt , moss, weeds, and grass flourished due to the lack of paver joint sand & seasonal maintenance, this raised paver patio slowly deteriorated in structure & appearance.

My team and I began by completely removing all the paving stones from the top of the elevated paver patio.  The patio retaining walls areas that had settled were torn down and rebuilt using the same blocks & caps.  The existing base material was re-compacted and additional base was added as needed.

The most difficult task was to recreate the same layout of design in the pavings stones. This particular product, Unilock's Classico St Clair color has been discontinued, so we needed to pull up an area off the raised patio at ground level that did not serve any purpose.  In large brick paver projects that have a creative design, not all the little pieces fit exactly back together. So, additional matching or similar paving stones are needed to complete the restoration.

The homeowner also took advantage of a design change while we were reconstructing this pavers patio. There was a sunken 8ft X 8ft pad within the patio structure that allowed for a Hot Tub. The customer no longer had the Hot Tub and this area was not functional.  We reconfigured the patio walls & caps, filled the area with added base material, and installed the paving stones to the same height as the lower raised patio area.  This is the beauty & flexibility of what interlocking brick pavers and modular retaining walls allows.

After re-installing all the paving stones to the original design & layout, resetting some of the wall block & caps, and redesigning the Hot Tub area, the multi-level raised paver patio was given a general power wash cleaning and re-sanded.  Later this Summer or Fall we will return to apply a  brick paver sealant after we touch up the paver joints with additional joint sand as needed.

Upon completion, the homeowner was ecstatic!  The total cost for this restoration, not including sealing, was about $2,800.  It sounds like alot but over 17 years it is an average of $165. I explained to the homeowner that the extent & cost of these paver repairs could have been alot less or totally avoided if addressed early on.  The homeowner has guaranteed me they will NOT let their brick paver investment plummet again.

From my 28 years of brick paver experience, I believe the average maintenance cost over time is $75-$100/ year for paver patios that are properly maintained with Spring sanding of the joints. You can expect to have touch-up paver repairs done within 5 years that can cost you $350-$500.  If you let the patio walls & caps deteriorate, you can expect double or triple this average repair cost.

This raised or elevated brick paver patio was at an extreme state of despair. The biggest advantage of interlocking brick pavers, paver steps, & modular patio retaining wall block & caps is the cost advantage of long-term maintenance cost & appearance over wooden decks and stamped concrete.  This paver project is living proof it can be done!