Aug 3, 2011

Brick Paver Patio Steps Repair

Paver Patio Steps need some expertise performed by a brick paver specialist

One of the most common Paver Patio Step repairs that we perform is the restoration & releveling of Brick Patio StepsPavers Steps require knowledge & expertise to be installed or repaired properly. Every day I am amazed by the inferior layout and construction by inexperienced landscape and brick paver contractors.

Brick Paver Steps require a sound design for strength and longevity. After properly designing a safe & sound layout, the execution of properly installing is crucial.  The set of Patio Steps above where installed only 3 years ago and required us to totally rebuild them from the ground up.  The wall blocks had leaned, the coping caps where gapped and loose, and the brick paver inlay had drastically sunk.

Upon reconstructing these Paver Patio Steps, we noticed the lack of using filter fabric materials, lack of filling all holes & gaps of the blocks, the lack of compacting in 4inch lifts, and the use of inferior adhesives for the caps. These block steps & caps never had a chance to properly perform.

This all resulted in this homeowner having to get a qualified brick paver specialist to repair.  The most disappointing thing for the homeowner was that the original installing contractor was not interested in servicing his needs.  The homeowner was thankful he was able to contact us and get his Paver Step repair done correctly and in a timely manner. Brick Doctor Bill and crew are restoring "one step at a time!"