Aug 23, 2011

Brick Pavers Patio Restored

Cleaning, Sanding, and Sealing performed on neglected Paver Patio

This past week we restored the original beauty of a brick paver patio in Ypsilanti. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the homeowner had not been able to maintain this paver patio the past few years.  Lack of attention and joint sand sweeping led to the ominous condition of the paver joints resulting in a neglected & unsightly appearance.

I assured the homeowner we could bring their brick paver patio back to life and create the original beauty they once enjoyed. This brick paver patio brought much joy and relaxation to her and husband in the past.  My team and I wanted them to once again let them experience the solitude & pride they cherished, especially during these tough personal times.

Repairs to the pavers were minimal but the cleaning & re-sanding was tedious and messy.  After the brick pavers and paver joints were dry a day & half later, we applied a generous coat of brick paver sealant to enhance the color and overall appearance. The paver sealer will temporarily keep the joint sand hard until needed touch-ups of sweeping the years to follow.  They should get about 3 years from the brick paver sealant but on-going joint sand sweeping will be needed.

As the homeowner became overwhelmed with emotion from this transformation, I explained to here that we offer at a small nominal charge a Spring Sweeping Maintenance service to maintain the beauty and function of interlocking pavers. This also gives us the opportunity to yearly inspect their pavers patio for any needed patio repair or signs of distress.

If you do not have the time or resolve to keep up with the minimal maintenance requirement need for joint sand sweeping, please set up a program with a brick paver contractor who can help you maintain the beauty & function of your brick pavers for years to come.  Something that may cost you $50 each Spring may save you $1,000's years later.