Aug 20, 2011

Raised Paver Patio Replaces Old Wooden Deck

Homeowner chooses lower maintenance & aesthetically pleasing advantages of Brick Pavers

Many of our installation projects are replacing old worn & high maintenance wooden decks with interlocking pavers and retaining wall blocks and caps.  With the versatility of paving stones & modular retaining wall blocks, multi-level or raised paver patios and steps are possible.  When properly installed and maintained, raised paver patios are unmatched in beauty, function, and long-term costs.

This homeowner was tired and frustrated from the continued maintenance costs & time of their wooden deck.  It was time to consider another option and my team and I were here to satisfy their need.  After reviewing the layout & heights, I was able to design a raised paver patio that met their need for function, space, and pleasing appearance.  My team executed a timely & detailed installation that will insure optimum performance for years to come.

Paving stones offer a variety of colors, shapes, and textures that will complement any home structure or yard.  After careful selection of products and colors, this plan came together with a shared vision of homeowner & contractor. The new pavers patio needed to be elegant and simple with a strong design and construction for long-term success.

We began by completely removing the existing wooden deck. We then began to construct the modular retaining wall blocks & caps, FENDT's Country Manor in Limestone color, to build the outside framing of the new raised paver patio while filling up the structure with base material, all along compacted in 4-5" each lifts.  A back wall was constructed along the elevated four seasons room to insure strength and avoid cave in.
Filter fabric was used behind the wall blocks to restrict any base material from filtering through the blocks.  This step of installing a geo-texile blanket behind walls is often missed by inexperienced landscape contractors who install raised paver patios or retaining walls.

Once the outside framing was complete and the base material was set at the proper height, we spread the bedding course material for screeding. After screeding the entire paver patio, the pavers, FENDT's Hollandstone Paver in Polar Ash color, were laid in a herringbone pattern with a soldier course border. The soldier course border is laid inside the wall caps and along all other edges butting up to the house or steps.  The diamond saw cutting piecing was completed, joint sand was swept in the paver joints, plate compaction was performed, and then another sweeping of joint sand was executed.

We completed the project by cleaning up the site & installing soil around the new raised paver patio until the homeowner can properly landscape. Landscaping around paver patios is crucial to long-term success by reducing or preventing any erosion that may compromise the installation.  We left the homeowner an extra bag of joint sand for future touch-ups of paver joints and explained the expectations for on-going low maintenance needs.

These homeowner's were originally reluctant to bring a brick paver patio into their landscape but were now ecstatic with their decision.  I was confident we would meet or exceed their expectations and needs.  This combination of four seasons room and raised paver patio is now the envy of this condo development.  So when you finally have had it with your old high-maintenance wooden deck, consider the option of installing a raised brick paver patio.