Aug 17, 2011

Brick Pavers Porch & Steps Installed

Another transformation in Ann Arbor to a new Brick Paver Porch and Steps

In 2011, we have installed over 15 porch & step replacements in Ann Arbor alone.  As homes begin to reach almost 50 years old, porches & steps are beginning to show their age. Aside from their unsightly appearance, old deteriorating porch & steps begin to create water and safety issues that homeowners can no longer ignore.

In early posts on this Blog, I have described the options we discuss with homeowners when considering replacement, enclosure, or overlays of Brick Paver Porches and Steps.  Many factors are in play when considering which option makes both functional and economical sense. Paver Porches and Step are installed best by a qualified & experienced brick paver contractor.

This particular porch slab had sunk, cracked, and pitched back towards the home foundation. The mason bricks had begun to pop & crack, causing leaning and large gaps of missing mortar. The step had sunk creating steep rises and trip hazzards.  It was time for the homeowner to address these issues and create some new curb appeal.

We completely removed the old porch slab, brick framing walls, step, and debris.  We built over the existing footings and created a more functional design that increased the width of the porch in the space allowed.  By bowing out the porch face, we not only improved the appearance, but we increased the landing space for a more comfortable & safer entrance into the front door. We also added an additonal Paver Step to reduce the riser heights for a safer and more comfortable transition to the walk.

It is amazing how a new Paver Porch and Step can immediately change the curb appeal of a home when properly designed and installed.  Though the front porch & steps are one of the most functional & visible aspects of a home, they are often ignored until their appearance and structure have failed.  Bring back that "smile" for your home! Improve or replace that old crumbling porch or steps with brick pavers and modular retaining wall blocks & caps.