Sep 26, 2011

Common Pavers Step Repair: Replacing Step Caps

Brick Paver Steps can be restored, repaired, or replaced at a nominal cost

We performed a very common brick pavers step repair this past week. We replaced old deteriorating paver step caps that became unsightly & unsafe with new and improved paver step caps.  I see this type of paver repair on a daily basis and there is a simple solution we can perform assuming the paver step has not settled or became un-level.

Paver step caps, especially for the front entrance, are challenged over time due to heavy traffic and the common use of rock salt during the Winter months in Michigan.

This paver step was still level but the step caps were severely pitted and deteriorating fast.  To the homeowners own admission, they excessively rock salted during the winter months which compromised the structural integrity of this product.

We easily removed the existing step caps and re-adhered new paver caps to bring there entrance back to life. We reset the brick pavers immediately behind the step caps and swept in new paver joint sand.  This total paver repair was only $150 which included the cost of the new paver step caps. The cost of this step cap replacement was far under the cost to replace or re-surface cement steps or wooden steps.

The advantage of modular retaining wall blocks & caps is the low maintenance and cost of freshening up or repairing in the future. After 12 years from the initial installation of this front porch step, this new step cap replacement made the entrance look new again and the homeowner is very pleased. I advised them to use white pellet snow melt on their paver porch, step, and walkway in the future. It is less damaging on high density concrete products and performs better melting ice.