Sep 27, 2011

1 Year inspection of Creative Brick Pavers Patio we installed.

The final results of brick paver installations come to light as time goes on

Every year I will stop in and inspect brick paver installations that we installed or rebuilt the prior year.  After a year and after the first winter frost, a brick paver installation will exhibit any flaws in design or execution of installation.

From here on out, it is up to the homeowner to keep sand in the paver joints and address any areas that begin to settle or move. I was able to inspect the results of our hard work and see if the patio installation requires any warranty or non-warranty service. In this case, job well done.  I see the homeowner has kept the paver joints filled with joint sand.

The other reason I enjoy returning about a year later is the final stages of landscaping are usually completed.  The homeowner has highlighted the pavers installation with patio furniture & fixtures, flower pots & accents, and enhancing beautiful flowers, plants, trees, and ground covers. Some clients even add water features, arbors, pergolas, and awnings that give their paver installation the "wow" factor!

 This brick pavers patio installation we installed last year did not disappoint.  The homeowner did a great job landscaping and adding an eye popping pergola. We set the pillars that supported the pergola to the owners specifications and the final results look great!  The homeowner also complimented their large and functional pavers patio with great pieces of patio furniture and many accents & potted plants.

As a brick paver contractor that takes pride in his design & work, I am impressed that this homeowner took so much time to protect, enhance, and improve the appearance of their brick pavers investment.  Your brick pavers installation comes all together when the final touches of landscaping and accenting are completed.  Great job Bob, Debbie, and my crew!