Nov 12, 2011

Raised Paver Patio, Steps, and Planters Revitalizes Pool Area

Interlocking Brick Pavers and Modular Retaining Wall Blocks and Caps are versatile

This past year we were hired to transform this backyard poolside area. The current homeowner inherited this eyesore when they purchased the home 3 years ago.  Though they were satisfied with the current layout, it was time for us to replace the old deteriorating clay pavers, rotting timber planters, and unsafe steps.

I suggested we use FENDT Country Manor blocks & caps to construct new paver steps and planter retaining walls.  We used the traditional 4"X8" shaped FENDT Holland paver to replace the old cracking & chipping clay paving stones used for the raised patio.

We discussed in detail the pros and cons of replacing the cement areas around the built in pool. Since the cement was still in good shape and properly pitched away from the pool, we jointly decided to keep the current concrete in for now. We decided that replacing the cement with paving stones would be a phase 2 project in the future.

We did power wash clean the cement areas to give it an improved appearance and polymeric sanded some open joints & minor cracks. We did saw cut out some small cement areas to install paver pad transition areas and modify the planter wall layout.

As seen from the photos, the transformation of this poolside area is dramatic.  Interlocking pavers and modular retaining wall blocks & caps create beauty, functionality, and low future maintenance & replacement costs.