Nov 23, 2011

Brick Paver Walkway and Landscape Wall Redesigned

Landscaper misses the mark when designing and installing walk & wall

We recently redesigned and reinstalled a brick paver walkway and landscape wall that an inexperienced landscaper installed in Ann Arbor.  The landscape contractor told them that this was the best he could do. The homeowner was very disappointed in their quality of design & execution and hired us to help.

The homeowner did not want the inexperienced landscaper to correct the problem because they lacked confidence in his workmanship and professionalism.  We are frequently performing redesign & reinstallation of brick paver jobs that have been installed by unqualified contractors. Many homeowners we deal with would rather pay someone that is qualified to redo the work then have the originally contractor perform the work.

This brick paver walkway was uneven and the joint lines of paving stones where crooked.  There was no soldier course row border on the inside, even though the outside of the pavers walk had one.  This made the pavers walk look unbalanced.  The paver walkway also did not flare at the drive and actually bowed or turned back towards the house.

The landscape wall was also crooked and just ended at the driveway.  The landscape wall had no balance to the layout of the landscape.  The end of the landscape wall ended too high and too close to the driveway with no finish edge.  It caused some damage to someone's car when they opened their door.

We completely lifted up the entire front paver walk and re-installed the pavers.  We made sure the joint lines flowed properly and flared the paver walk at the driveway for easy access.  We also installed a soldier course row border on both sides of the walkway to give a balanced frame effect.  The final product was a dramatic make over from the originally installed  pavers walkway.

We tore out about half of the landscape wall and symmetrically re-installed it to properly match the layout of the landscape.  The homeowner was looking for a landscape planter wall to compliment their newly installed baywindow.  Enclosing in the baywindow with a symmetrically curved landscape wall did the job.

We listened to the homeowner's needs & wants and we were able to recommend the best economical solutions to meet those needs.  The final result was drastic change to the curb appeal of the home and the customer could not be happier. Success again!