Dec 11, 2011

Condo Paver Patios are becoming very popular

Brick Pavers are very versatile for transforming small spaces

I have noticed in the last couple of years that there is a high demand for installing paver patios, planters, and steps for condominiums.  I believe that paver patios for condos is becoming a viable option and used as added Outdoor Living SpacePaver patios have become an easy way to add usable & functional square footage to a condo unit.

Most condos usually have wooden decks or cement pads installed as patios.  It is not often that developers will upgrade to interlocking paver patios during construction.  The draw back usually with condos is the limited space available to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor living space.

Unlike residential homes in subdivisions, condos are also restricted by building envelopes or easements.  Every brick paver patio we have installed for condos requires board approval. The big advantage of interlocking brick pavers is that they are not considered a permanent pavement like cement or wooden decks that require footings or permits. This usually allows some more flexibility in expanding the outer limits of design.

Brick pavers and modular retaining wall blocks & caps are the perfect product for creating beautiful and functional spaces that the homeowner's can enjoy for many years. They also offer low maintenance needs that most condo owners are looking for when they decided to move into a condo.  As I always preach, all brick pavers require some minimal seasonal joint sand sweeping to reduce the need for future pavers repair.

From simple economical designs to more intricate creations, brick pavers are unmatched in the performance and appearance of paver patios, steps, and planters.  Small spaces create an addeded challenge but we have been able to mesh homeowner's needs with the expanded capabilities of these paver products.  Safe and attractive paver steps is where it begins and then the landscaping wants are considered.  In the end though, the pavers patio usable space is most important aspect.

Each photo I have included in this post had it's own challenges.  The versatility of brick pavers and modular retaining wall blocks & caps allowed us to blend function, beauty, and cost into a spectacular home improvement .  It is important to maximize the space available and meet homeowner's wants & needs within the building restrictions of the association.

Creating an Outdoor Living Area in small spaces requires some forethought & experience.  If the usable area is not designed properly, the condo owner will not have functional patio space to enjoy and entertain.  It is true that big gifts can come in small packages!