Dec 7, 2011

Then and Now : Replace Old Decks with New Raised Paver Patios

Replace old high maintenance Decks with new low maintenance Pavers Patios

After a homeowner has experienced the high maintenance costs and seasonal requirements of a deck, they are quick to replace these decks with a low maintenance option of Raised Paver Patios.  When properly designed and installed by an experienced brick paver contractor, Raised Paver Patios will out perform any other outdoor living space at a minimal upkeep cost.

Since the economy suffered in Southeast Michigan, homeowner's are not moving as much so they are investing home improvement dollars into their current home.  There has been a trend in improving their outdoor living space by removing dilapidated and high maintenance decks with the dramatic impact of brick pavers and modular retaining wall blocks & caps.

This post includes some before & after pics to give you the visual of a dramatic transformation for your backyard. Raised Paver Patios offer unlimited design options for long-term performance and unmatched beauty.  When designing a raised paver patio, function is the main design aspect that a good brick paver contractor will consider.  Paver step design, usable patio space, elevations, and traffic flow all influence the design process.

Maintenance for raised paver patios is minimal.  Sweeping of paver joint sand each Spring and occasionally in the Fall will reduce any need for repair in the future.  To reduce the frequency of sweeping of paver joint sand, you can choose to use polymeric sand at a little higher cost.  Full service brick paver contractors will offer seasonal sweeping service at a nominal charge.

If you choose to seal your paver patio with an approved brick paver sealant, you will only need to perform this maintenance step every 3 years.  If you decide not to seal your pavers patio again in the future, the structural integrity of the pavers, blocks, and caps will not be compromised. Decks require stripping, staining, and re-sealing every 2 years at a high cost or your extreme sweat equity to keep its original appearance.

The cost of a new Raised Paver Patio is inline with a cost of a composite or cedar deck depending on height.  If you your doorwall is 3ft or under to the grade, the cost is inline. If you exceed 3ft, there needs to be an evaluation of the feasibility of using interlocking pavers & modular retaining wall system.  Combinations of composite decking steps and brick pavers is a viable option when heights are extreme.

The best paver jobs I have installed over the past 29 years have been the replacement of old wooden decks with raised paver patios.  These paver patios dramatically improve the curb appeal of the home and give the homeowner piece of mind that they will not experience long-term upkeep costs or aggravation.