Apr 21, 2012

Never enough Supervision for our Pavers Repair Crew

Pulling out All the stops to make sure our Brick Paver Repair Service is A1

Our brick paver repair crews encounter all kinds of challenges each day. But yesterday they encountered a new experience they never imagined.  Inspector Swan, my new independent hire, was onsite to make sure that our paver patio repair crew was performing their service properly and professionally.

With one eye on his expecting Swanette and another on our paver repair service crew, Inspector Swan gave me a complete report that graded our paver repair crew an A1 rating!  Though he was not impressed by their nature to walk upright and the lack of wings & feathers, Inspector Swan was impressed by the total professionalism, hard work, clean-up of the job, and most of all their attention to good grooming.

Good job crew! I know you work hard to do your best.  My advice is to keep an "eye-in-the-sky" on the next paver repair project!