Apr 22, 2012

Pavers Patio Repair, Cleaning, & Resanding in Ann Arbor

Restoration of Paver Patios is becoming our #1 Brick Paver Repair Service

This past week in Ann Arbor, we were able to transform this neglected Pavers Patio back to its original beauty & function. The homeowner was having a graduation party this Summer and needed help!

 Covered in moss, mildew, dirt, weeds, and grass, this paver patio hid some much needed repair to settled & loose paving stones and spreading paver joints.

We see this condition of brick pavers on a daily basis all too often.  I have always believed that once things get this far out of hand, homeowners give up.  This particular homeowner stopped maintaining this paver patio about 5 years ago and it shows. Neglect is the number one reason for the failure and unsightly appearance of paver patios, walkways, driveways, etc.

 This homeowner stopped sweeping joint sand each Spring about 5 years ago. This lead to moss, weeds, grass, and other organic matter taking over the paver joints. Other areas began to settle due to base erosion under the paving stones from the lack of joint sand in the joints.  As you can see in the before pics, this paver patio gave interlocking brick pavers a bad reputation.

After performing our routine repairs, re-compaction of pavers, cleaning of the paving stones & paver joints, and re-sanding the joints with the proper joint sand,  we were able to bring this paver patio "back to life" and beauty.

Now the homeowner can get a new start on maintaining this beautiful paver patio or sign up for our affordable paver maintenance program to insure endless years of enjoyment & performance!