Apr 8, 2012

Repaired Brick Paver Walkway revisted 2 years later

Reconstructed Pavers Walkway in Ann Arbor is performing well

While performing our Spring maintenance program service for one of our clients in Ann Arbor, we were proud to see that our reconstruction of this paver walkway looked like the day we completed it's transformation. Here is the link to the "before & after" blog post on this brick paver repair in 2010.

  The past 2 years we have been hired to keep the paver joints filled with sand so the brick pavers will perform properly.  The results have been a complete success. The client now wants to improve the appearance of this paver walkway by sealing to enhance the color and give it the "wet look" effect.

 We performed the preliminary paver joint sanding & general cleaning to prep for sealing.  Once the weather is dry & temps are acceptable, we will return and seal with an approved brick paver sealant. Each Spring we will still return to make sure paver joints are filled with joint sand to insure long-term performance & success.