Jun 17, 2012

Flagstone Front Walkway Replaces Old Path in Ann Arbor

Flagstone Walks & Patios offer a natural looking option to your Hardscape

Last year we installed a Flagstone Path in the backyard for this homeowner in Ann Arbor.  They enjoyed the natural look of it so much, they had us return this Spring and replace their old & original Flagstone front walkway with our much more appealing flagstone.

Old Path
The old & original flagstone path did not compliment the stone work on the home or give it much curb appeal.  The original installing contractor installed the flagstones to low to grade and left considerable wide gaps.  This lead to constant moisture overtaking the flagstone walkway and left it dingy, mossy, & dirty looking all the time.

The new Flagstone used to re-create the front pathway had a more natural grey tone that complimented the stone work on the home, as well as, give some slight contrast color to the landscape.  This particular flagstone was also slightly thicker and had less chance of cracking or splitting.

The homeowner wanted to keep the same shape and curve of the current flagstone pathway.  After removing the existing flagstones and removing all organic matter, we raised the height of the new flagstone path with additional base material.  We also worked hard to keep gaps to an acceptable minimum.

When you are dealing with irregular shaped natural stone, you have to accept some gapping & imperfections. This is the beauty of using natural stone!  At a much higher cost, due to labor & diamond blade use, we can close up gaps up by saw cutting the stone.  This usually is only cost effective for smaller applications.  If you must not have gaps, you may need to consider using a pre-cut natural stone like geometrically shaped Bluestone slabs that fit tight. These of course come at a higher cost.

Flagstone walks & patios do cost more than installing most brick paver projects.  Aside from the high end brick paver units, flagstones per square foot sometimes cost more than double that of the standard paver shapes.

Typically the prep work of base material & screeding is the same for flagstone as it is for brick pavers.  The issue with flagstone is the random thickness of each unit. You have to individual level each unit whereby brick pavers can be laid quickly once the bedding course is screeded.  So, extra labor time of laying is added when installing flagstone walks or patios. Cutting of natural stones is also more difficult than cutting paving stones and the diamond blade use is exponential.

Flagstone walkways and patios offer a very natural and surreal appearance to the landscape. When considering this option, understand that you need to accept what nature allows for this product to perform and that the overall cost may be more than installing brick pavers.